The hygiene of the nose with the technique of Jala neti is precious for the practice of Afghan walking. Indeed, nasal breathing specific to this type of walking is greatly improved when the upper respiratory ducts are clear. In addition, the daily practice of Jala Neti is effective in preventing or in the presence of sinusitis, colds and seasonal allergy. It also helps in cases of sleep and snoring problems, eye disorders such as rhinitis, anxiety and stress. Let's add a greater sensitivity to ambient odors. Finally, according to some sources, a continued practice stimulates the awakening of the third eye and extra-sensory perception.

Pot Neti

  • The neti pot that MAQ offers its customers is made of stainless steel, hygienic and sterilizable. It is handcrafted in India. Its volume (400 ml) allows you to use at one time the quantity of saline water adequate for cleaning both nostrils. Ergonomic, its grip is ideal for the hand as well as the tip which adapts perfectly to all types of nostrils.


    Daily use or more as needed (in case of flu, cold, etc.).

    Make a half and half mixture of fine sea salt and baking soda (Little Cow). Use a level teaspoon of this mixture per 400 ml of lukewarm water.

    If you have any doubts about the quality of the water, boil and cool it or use reliable bottled water, for example, the ESKA brand.



    In front of a mirror, above a sink, tilt your head at 45 degrees and insert the tip of the neti pot filled with saline water in order to empty part of it (200ml) through the other nostril. After each nostril cleansed, stopper the opposite nostril and blow gently intermittently until there is no more liquid to expel. Repeat identically for the other nostril. Be patient. Integration varies from person to person depending on nasal and sinus conformation, amount of mucus, etc. Good deep breathing!