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Vous avez suivi l’atelier de base «Apprentissage de la marche afghane» avec un instructeur MAQ et intégré la pratique avec enthousiasme. Maintenant, vous avez peut-être l’élan d’enseigner la marche afghane et vous associer à une bannière reconnue.

Si c'est le cas, faites-nous parvenir une note d'intention résumant votre intérêt à devenir Instructeur-trice de marche afghane avec nous. Cette année, les places sont limitées à un maximum de 4 futurs-es instructeurs-trices. 

La marche afghane est un cadeau en soi, et l'enseigner un privilège. 

Tarif sur demande à 


Sylvie Alice Royer, founder of MAQ

author "The Afghan march for all", Thierry Souccar Editions, 2018

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Benoît Tremblay, PneumaCorps founder, respiratory therapist, respiratory health educator, certified MAQ instructor

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Teaching Afghan walking supported by the benchmark platform in Quebec means being associated with a unique pedagogy. Indeed, the teaching of MAQ takes into account: the meditative and physical aspects of the practice, the release of the breath, the presence to oneself and the cardiac coherence with in addition complementary teachings on the superior oxygenation, in order to communicate with professionalism and sensitivity the immense potential of the Afghan march.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The objectives of the training

  • Deepen the basic notions of Afghan walking: culture, benefits, practical conditions, posture, release of breath, cardiac coherence, pulmonary amplification, rhythms and variations, active meditation.

  • Learn the different teaching strategies: advantages and difficulties, participant profile, terrain and environment, etc.

  • Learn to value the essence of the Afghan walk

  • Develop teaching skills

  • Understanding the market and its potential

  • Actively develop the understanding and practice of superior oxygenation health rituals: Jala Neti, Dry brushing, Contrast hydrotherapy and green smoothie

The course of the training

The training takes place mainly face-to-face over three days and includes theoretical and practical teaching including external practices. New for a whole day of learning with Benoît Tremblay, founder of PneumaCorps, respiratory therapist, respiratory health educator, certified MAQ instructor : “Breathing and breath release in the Afghan march”. Two consecutive days with Sylvie Alice Royer, founder of MAQ, author "The Afghan walk for all", Thierry Souccar Editions, 2018: "Teaching the full potential of the Afghan Heart-Body-Spirit walk". New Subsequent participation over one month in the “21-day Health Challenge”: Afghan walk, jala neti, dry brushing, contrast hydrotherapy, green smoothie.

The benefits of certification

Certified instructors benefit from the recognition of MAQ, educational, reference, promotional and exchange tools on the practice supporting the value and autonomy of their teaching.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • Training certification

  • Certification signage logo

  • Customer education tool (eLearning in French, English, Spanish - pdf)

  • Support Materials (QAM Workbook and Instructor Guide pdf + PPT PneumaCorps pdf)

  • Continuous improvement with sylvie alice

  • Meeting-exchanges between instructors

  • Pneumacorps continuing education (special rate)

  • Graphic design "Instructor's kit" (associated cost)

  • Role of public Facebook publisher MAQ "Official"

  • Role of private Facebook editor "Instructors vs Instructors"

  • Membership public Facebook sharing group "on demand"

  • Opportunity to commercialize derivatives

  • ION package (retailer price)

  • Pot neti (retailer price)

  • Book "The Afghan march for all" (retailer price)

  • Detailed referencing on the MAQ website

  • Use of the MAQ website calendar (associated cost)

  • Autonomy of practice

  • No membership cost

  • No subsequent royalty

►Dates: June 18-19-20 " Instructor training "

Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, 20 minutes from Quebec. Accommodation and meals at the participant's expense.

►Dates: June 21 to July 1121-day Health Challenge

ZOOM platform

►Rate on request

►Registration in progress

Confirmation of participation on reservation deposit

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Inscription en cours

Places limitées 4

Date limite d'inscription

30 avril 


Demande d'information    




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