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Notre livre de référence 

Ce livre est à la fois un guide pratique de marche afghane et le témoignage d’une marcheuse qui dévoile les subtilités de cette technique cœur-corps-esprit. Thierry Souccar Editions


This book is both a practical guide to Afghan walking and the testimony of a walker who reveals the intricacies of this heart-body-mind technique.

• The Afghan walk combines walking with deep breathing synchronized with the steps. The basic rhythm is “3.1 / 3.1”: 3 steps to inhale, pause, 3 steps to exhale, pause.

• It is intended for those who are preparing for long solitary walks, like Compostela, and for those who want to walk for a while to find serenity and inner peace.

• Walking while breathing rhythmically with your whole body allows better oxygenation of tissues and organs. The posture is straightened, the mind calms down, we improve our cardiovascular capacities, we walk longer without fatigue. The mind is sharper. We gain confidence.

• The Afghan walk also offers those who seek it a meditative space.

• In addition to the basic teaching of Afghan walking, the reader will find a particular breathing technique as well as complementary rhythms and exercises.

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En librairie | Amazon

“When I arrive at my destination, I feel as oxygenated and freed from my joint tensions as after a short yoga session,

and as zen as after a meditation session. I would soon try to replace the count with the mental, rhythmic recitation of a mantra. And I try to initiate my son who will find, I hope, a new source of motivation and energy

for our long summer hikes. ”

Émilie Cuisinier, FémininBio journalist

"Are you a walker?" Before going on vacation, we recommend this book! Walking, yes, but no longer anyhow! Everything is very well explained, follow the guide! ”

The Kappala le Mag team

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

"This book brilliantly reminds us that the Afghan walk brings about regeneration and incomparable mental and physical health benefits."

Colette Stiegler, wife of Édouard G. Stiegler, the creator of the Afghan march

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