The ION brush set with handle is made in Germany with natural, noble and durable materials. The ionic brush, designed from beech wood, provides unparalleled dry massage-brushing of the body and superior skin care thanks to its extra-fine bronze threads. The small brush, made of pear wood and wild boar yarn, is dedicated to brushing the stomach, breasts and face, maintaining the health and radiance of more fragile areas of the skin.

ION brush set with handle

  • The human body uses different emunctories allowing it to expel its metabolic waste and unabsorbed food. Besides the intestines, kidneys, liver and lungs, the skin is an important organ of elimination responsible for a quarter of the daily detoxification through sweat and sebum. We sometimes speak of the skin as a third lung, or even a third kidney. The skin inhales in its own way and exhales, if you will, residue. Dr. Bernard Jensen, hygienist and iridologist, considers that a healthy person with clear skin can shed up to 2 lbs of waste per day in the form of salts, waxes and uric acids. If we are a regular user of personal hygiene products and industrial cosmetics, it is likely that our skin has a functional deficit, that is to say asphyxiated in a way under a layer of dead cells and harmful products. Manufactured soaps, ubiquitous in our bathrooms, are alkaline. Their composition unbalances the normally acidic environment of the skin. However, Dr. Jensen believes that there is no better way to cleanse the skin than dry brushing the body. He is not the only one. The Romans exfoliated their skin with a pumice stone, the Etruscans with sea sand. In Japan, women use a rough silk square to rub the skin, circulate "chi" and remove dead cells. Scandinavians, Turks and Russians have been dry brushing their skin for centuries to detoxify, exfoliate and stimulate the skin. Every day, the skin witnesses the programmed death of millions of cells immediately replaced by new ones. In a perfect world, this wonderful crossover takes place on healthy skin exposed to the grace of the elements. However, our synthetic clothing and our city lifestyle, pollution and chemicals spread on our skin impose a heavy burden on its proper functioning. In this context, brushing your body dry on a daily basis is one of the wisest rituals that can be adopted to assist the health and beauty of the skin, stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph, and even the electrical exchanges between them. cells.

    Ionic brushing

    A quality brush is made with natural materials, animal or vegetable, such as horsehair or sisal and, exceptionally, with extra fine bronze threads. The latter type is called ionic brush because of the bioelectric stimulation during dry brushing of the skin. An ion is a molecule with an electric charge, positive or negative. Ions are naturally created when things like sunlight or moving water split air molecules. Mountainous environments, waterfalls and oceans are rich in negative ions. Ion brushing uses negative ions to increase the cells' ability to use nutrients and remove waste, increase oxygen flow to the brain, and balance the body's pH by decreasing its acidity. European research has shown that negative ions increase collagen production, make cell membranes more permeable, and help strengthen the immune and autonomic nervous system.

    The dry body brushing technique targets the entire limbs and the dorsal part of the trunk, as well as, with a suitable brush, the face and the ventral part of the trunk. Brushing is done gently with circular movements adapted to the treated region, from the periphery to the center, i.e. from the feet to the groin including the glutes, from the hands to the armpits, from the lower back to neck. The passage on the lymph nodes located in particular at the level of the groin and armpits activates the treatment of the lymph. A linear gesture starting from the periphery of the limbs and going directly up to the lymph nodes finalizes the brushing of the limbs as well as possible. Following this, the stomach, breasts and face benefit from the same basic circular movements, but with a softer brush. The ritual of dry brushing the body is performed before a shower or bath. It only takes a few minutes. It is a real bubble of well-being that we create every day. Once in the shower, please stop using soap which unbalances the nature of your skin. Aleph and Marseille soaps are recognized to respect it. If necessary, check the acidity of your usual soap using a pH measuring paper before pulling it off.

    During the very first dry brushing sessions, it may take on a more or less pinkish color. It's normal. Go for it sweet paw. Soon, within a few days to a few weeks, the skin will respond to your care with a toned glow and amazing evenness even with increased pressure while brushing. Depending on the temperament, some people feel an influx of energy following brushing, especially with the ionic brush, or the reverse a great relaxation. Your personal metabolic response will tell you the best time to perform this ritual.

    The main benefits of dry brushing are multiple: exfoliate the skin for superior oxygenation, tone, magnify its texture, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce cellulite and manage stress. With the ionic brush, an improvement in the bioelectrical exchanges of the body is further achieved with impact on the proper functioning of cells and the development of collagen. This treatment is intended for both men and women. One is tempted to oppose various obligations to the fact of reserving time for dry brushing of the body. Our reasons are legitimate, yet it is by regularly filling up with love towards oneself that we can distribute it to others. The ritual of dry brushing only takes a few minutes in the bathroom oasis. This daily happiness is a private contract that can be signed in peace: “I love you”.

    MAINTENANCE : After each use, clean your brushes with your hand by a movement against the hair of the wires towards the outside in order to make the particles escape through a window, towards the sink or the toilet tank. Wash as needed under hot running water and dry immediately and completely with a hair dryer or expose to sunlight.

    Extract "The Afghan march for all" Sylvie Alice Royer, Thierry Souccar Editions, 2018